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Fungal Inspiration: Art and Illustration Inspired by Wild Nature

Fungal Inspiration: Art and Illustration Inspired by Wild Nature

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Explore the marvelous kingdom of the fungi through this magnificent follow up to Botanical Inspiration. While nature's beauty is evident throughout the plant kingdom with its showy blooms, lush vegetation and grandiose statures, there is just as much charm to be found among the fungal denizens lurking off the beaten path in our forests and wild places. Coming in a wide variety of fantastical colors, shapes, patterns and sizes, they provide ample inspiration for the nuanced artist. From the intricately detailed to the delightfully quirky, Fungal Inspiration features interpretations by some of today's leading artists in a variety of media that bring this hidden realm into focus.

Fungal Inspiration collates a marvelous compendium of mushrooms and their many facets through fascinating art and illustrations. Brimming with vibrant hues and fascinating forms, Fungal Inspiration shines light on the lesser known side of Mother Nature. Taking a closer look at the mycolic wonders that often escape the eye, each piece in this book is created by artists and creatives from around the globe who seek to convey and bring to life the wild beauty of fungi.

Hardcover, 288 pages.

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