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Cooking Through Columbus

Cooking Through Columbus

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The ultimate guide to eating through Columbus. This book features tips, tricks, and recipes from all your favorite local Columbus restaurants - a great gift for any Columbus foodie!

Columbus, Ohio has an incredible food scene with nationally recognized and award winning restaurants, bakeries, breweries, distilleries, and more. This is just as much a food guide to Columbus as it is a cookbook. Beyond reaching potential cooks, it is for anyone who has been connected - past, present, or future - to Columbus and its thriving service industry. 

Each beautifully designed page features insights into Columbus's chefs and includes easy-to-follow recipes, and eye-catching photography. In addition to visual and recipe content, the authors tell the story of Columbus through the thriving food scene that has developed there in recent years as well as neighborhoods that make up the city. The book features over 60 establishments and over 70 recipes.

Authors: Tim Trad, Andrew White, and Nile Woodson


263 pages

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